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Energy Explained - let's get the facts straight

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Message from Paul Massara, CEO RWE npower “Today I’ve launched an npower report called “Energy Explained – The changing cost of UK energy” because I want to get the facts about energy out there, so we can start having an honest conversation about rising costs and how to tackle them. We’ve tried to set out Read the full post

What makes up your energy bill?

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We know energy can sometimes be confusing, and one of the most common questions we’re asked is what actually makes up an energy bill. So we’ve made an infographic to show the breakdown of an average dual fuel bill. Keep on reading for a look at our infographic and an explanation of what these costs Read the full post

The energy supply debate - our perspective

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There’s been a lot in the press this week about energy – how we need to build lots of new power stations, how we’re going to pay for that, and whether the lights are going to go out. Keep reading to find out more about how we are ensuring the UK’s energy demand is met… Read the full post



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