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Do you have little red lights everywhere?

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It might be convenient, but what’s the true cost of standby – to your energy bills, and to the world? It’s those little red lights that do it. Take a wander around your house at night and you’ll see them staring out from your TV, DVD player, sound system. In the age of the remote Read the full post

The Golden Rules of Saving Energy

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Our top 10 Energy Saving Tips The long, lovely summer is on its way out and we’ll soon be turning the clocks back. Sadly more time spent in our comfy, cosy homes can mean higher energy bills. Take September as an example; npower experienced a 65%* spike in gas when the temperature dropped and we Read the full post

Keep your cool

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Summer energy saving tips When the sun finally came out and temperatures rose for the second week of Wimbledon and the start of the Ashes series, you may have been thankful for your air conditioning. Let’s face it; over the last couple of summers if you didn’t have an air conditioning unit you probably didn’t Read the full post

A heated debate

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Making lunch the other day, a simple question was posed: is it better to boil the kettle or use a saucepan to heat water for cooking? Before we knew it (but after eating, naturally) a very clever experiment had been planned. Who’d have known that rustling up some noodles could be so complicated? The first Read the full post

The maths of leaving your charger unplugged

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Leaving a mobile phone on charge costs next to nothing…right? Now, we might be preaching to the converted and perhaps you never leave your mobile phone on charge once the battery’s full. But across the country, millions of people do, assuming it’s adding next to nothing to their electricity bill. Are they right? Let’s do Read the full post



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