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Introducing the energy-smart, energy-efficient Nest Thermostat

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We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Nest, the innovative, Google-owned company behind the Nest Learning Thermostat™, a programmer and thermostat in one that gives you effortless control of your heating system—and your heating bills. npower is Nest’s first UK energy company partner—and the first energy provider to offer the Nest Thermostat to Read the full post

'Insulation, insulation, insulation' says Phil.

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Does your home have carbon appeal as well as curb appeal? Phil Spencer shares his tips on making your home more energy efficient, and saleable. Boosting your curb and carbon appeal Property programmes have taught us a lot about buying and selling houses. We all know that a little effort and a lick of paint Read the full post

Ice in theory

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There’s a theory – more of a scientific myth, really – that hot water freezes faster than cold water. Some scientists argue that this is due to a phenomenon known as the Mpemba effect. Other scientists argue that this phenomenon does not exist at all. So, curious creatures that we are – and intrigued as Read the full post

A heated debate

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Making lunch the other day, a simple question was posed: is it better to boil the kettle or use a saucepan to heat water for cooking? Before we knew it (but after eating, naturally) a very clever experiment had been planned. Who’d have known that rustling up some noodles could be so complicated? The first Read the full post

Underfloor heating: is it all it's cracked up to be?

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When you’re weighing up the benefits of any product, a good place to start is with people who use it. So, although the straw poll we conducted in the office may not be statistically significant, it did suggest that when it comes to efficiency, underfloor heating appears to be a mixed bag. That’s why we Read the full post



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