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Cheaper, healthier, happier: in praise of the family meal time

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The kids come home starving hungry and demanding food. Your spouse saunters through the door a couple of hours later, having made a quick stop at the local drive-through. You hurriedly throw something in the microwave for yourself. After all, what’s the point of making a proper meal for just one person? Our habit of Read the full post

Do you have little red lights everywhere?

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It might be convenient, but what’s the true cost of standby – to your energy bills, and to the world? It’s those little red lights that do it. Take a wander around your house at night and you’ll see them staring out from your TV, DVD player, sound system. In the age of the remote Read the full post

Join the Fan Club

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How to keep yourself cool indoors At last! Summer is finally here and the mercury has risen to heights not seen for some time. This is great for sunbathing on the beach if you have the free time, but unfortunately conditions such as this can create an extremely uncomfortable environment for some people. If you Read the full post

A heated debate

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Making lunch the other day, a simple question was posed: is it better to boil the kettle or use a saucepan to heat water for cooking? Before we knew it (but after eating, naturally) a very clever experiment had been planned. Who’d have known that rustling up some noodles could be so complicated? The first Read the full post

Underfloor heating: is it all it's cracked up to be?

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When you’re weighing up the benefits of any product, a good place to start is with people who use it. So, although the straw poll we conducted in the office may not be statistically significant, it did suggest that when it comes to efficiency, underfloor heating appears to be a mixed bag. That’s why we Read the full post



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