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Discover the brains behind the beauty

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Created by one of the designers behind Apple’s iPhone, it’s no surprise the Nest Learning Thermostat™ is so easy on the eye. But while its beauty is striking, you might be even more impressed by its brains. Behind the sleek black screen is a unique self-learning technology, known as Nest Sense™. This uses a clever Read the full post

Gas: More than marginal interest

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When the Energy Secretary Ed Davey wrote recently about gas profits, he made the interesting and accurate observation that for some reason most conversation about energy focuses on electricity, even though most customers spend more on gas. This is something that has puzzled me for some time too. Until now, domestic gas supply seemed to Read the full post

Let there be light - and warmth!

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Our Warm Home Discount scheme helps households that need it most with £135 towards their energy bills. Together with the government, we’re running a scheme that helps the elderly, disabled and families on low incomes with their energy bills. If you’re eligible, or know someone who is, you or they could get an annual £135 Read the full post

Talking Points: Keeping warm: do mums know best?

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Made to tuck your vest into your knickers? Told to button your coat up properly? You’re not the only one! When it comes to keeping warm, mums have plenty of good advice.  So we asked the public to share the things their mum told them as a kid in a bid to keep them cosy. Read the full post

Hands up - Who's already put the heating on?

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A ‘False start’ to winter persuades many of us to turn our heating on early. Have you recently turned your heating on? If so, you’re not alone. As part of our ‘Me and My Energy’ programme – where we’re working closely with up to 20 families around the UK, as well as a wider panel Read the full post



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