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Meter reading made easy

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Reading your meter can feel like trying to crack a code. There are loads of varieties and they all need to be read differently. Luckily, we’re on hand to help. Get to grips with your meter by taking a look at our guide. So when the time comes to send us a meter reading, you’ll Read the full post

Your Gas Meter Safety Inspection

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Make sure your gas meter is happy and healthy Gas Meter Safety Inspections are important because your gas meter’s important. Even if you send us regular meter readings, we need to make sure your meter is working properly – if it’s old or damaged, it could be dangerous. That’s why you should make sure your Read the full post

It Ain't Necessarily So...

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Ask ten politicians the same question and you get ten different answers, supported by ten different statistics. Energy has long been a political football, with energy companies usually being the target for the kicking.  We can’t respond to everything that’s said, but I think it’s legitimate for us to comment from the sidelines from time Read the full post

Gas: More than marginal interest

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When the Energy Secretary Ed Davey wrote recently about gas profits, he made the interesting and accurate observation that for some reason most conversation about energy focuses on electricity, even though most customers spend more on gas. This is something that has puzzled me for some time too. Until now, domestic gas supply seemed to Read the full post

House of Commons Debate: Who should energy companies be fair to?

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As the months between now and the election next May roll forward, there will no doubt be many debates about the energy industry in the House of Commons. There is one later on today. But what makes this debate interesting is that it’s a debate about which of their customers energy companies should be fair Read the full post



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