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Giving out hot tea and good advice

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We’re helping people find out if they qualify for energy saving improvements with the ECO scheme. If you live in Sunderland, Nottingham, Gateshead and Leeds, hopefully you had chance to visit one of our Snug Hubs and enjoy a hot cup of tea with the lovely Rachel Riley. Rachel and the npower team have been Read the full post

The Nest Thermostat - inside the box

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With its unique and beautiful Nest Learning Thermostat™, Nest has done something amazing: they’ve rethought the humble central heating thermostat. With eco-conscious, style-savvy homeowners itching to get their hands on one, we thought we’d better take a look inside the box. Here’s what you get, and what your npower-approved installer will be bringing to life. Read the full post

Intelligent tariff, intelligent technology

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Everyone can make a change to being more energy efficient – and we’re making it a whole lot simpler for our customers. We’re working with Nest, the company known for reinventing unloved products in the home like the thermostat, to bring you a fixed tariff and the new Nest Learning Thermostat™ – in one package. Read the full post


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Looks like homeowners in the UK’s well-to-do postcodes might not be doing so well when it comes to conserving energy. How does your area fare on our UK heatmap? The north/south heat divide A new ‘heatmap(1)’ from npower shows that more than half of Britain’s 26 million homes are wasting money by allowing heat to Read the full post

Switching on to energy efficiency

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So where do you stand on energy efficiency? a) I’m all for it – the changes I’ve made will save me money for years to come and I’ve also done my bit for the environment. What’s not to like? b) I’ve done a few bits and bobs, like insulating the loft, but I can’t afford Read the full post



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