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Your Gas Meter Safety Inspection

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Make sure your gas meter is happy and healthy Gas Meter Safety Inspections are important because your gas meter’s important. Even if you send us regular meter readings, we need to make sure your meter is working properly – if it’s old or damaged, it could be dangerous. That’s why you should make sure your Read the full post

Giving out hot tea and good advice

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We’re helping people find out if they qualify for energy saving improvements with the ECO scheme. If you live in Sunderland, Nottingham, Gateshead and Leeds, hopefully you had chance to visit one of our Snug Hubs and enjoy a hot cup of tea with the lovely Rachel Riley. Rachel and the npower team have been Read the full post

The Last Days of Summer

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For a lucky few, the sun is still out, the sky is still blue and sausages are still sizzling on the barbecue. But for the rest of us, it looks suspiciously like summer is on its way out. Let’s not even start on how many shopping days there are until Christmas. Still, we’ve probably got Read the full post

'Insulation, insulation, insulation' says Phil.

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Does your home have carbon appeal as well as curb appeal? Phil Spencer shares his tips on making your home more energy efficient, and saleable. Boosting your curb and carbon appeal Property programmes have taught us a lot about buying and selling houses. We all know that a little effort and a lick of paint Read the full post

Boiler giving you the cold shoulder?

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If you’re reaching boiling point with your boiler, we can help. Make sure yours is covered in case of breakdown now that the cold weather has hit. Boilers. Why do they always pack in just when you need them most? And the cost! If yours isn’t brand new, it can be more economical to rip Read the full post



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