The scariest day of the year...

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Programming your thermostat shouldn’t be scary Shivers, unexplained icy breezes and things that go bump in the night. There’s one day in the calendar that brings our attention to these creepy goings-on. Walking into cold rooms and clunks and clanks from the very depths of your homes’ heating are enough to send a shiver up

The Last Days of Summer

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For a lucky few, the sun is still out, the sky is still blue and sausages are still sizzling on the barbecue. But for the rest of us, it looks suspiciously like summer is on its way out. Let’s not even start on how many shopping days there are until Christmas. Still, we’ve probably got

Do you have little red lights everywhere?

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It might be convenient, but what’s the true cost of standby – to your energy bills, and to the world? It’s those little red lights that do it. Take a wander around your house at night and you’ll see them staring out from your TV, DVD player, sound system. In the age of the remote

Energy-hungry appliances - and how to avoid feeding them

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Ever feel like there’s some kind of presence in your house that’s just gobbling up the electricity? No, it’s not Halloween spirits—just badly-behaved appliances. Here are a few of the scariest and how you can curb their hunger! Big monsters and little devils Fridges and freezers. On 24 hours a day, seven days a week,

Hands up - Who's already put the heating on?

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A ‘False start’ to winter persuades many of us to turn our heating on early. Have you recently turned your heating on? If so, you’re not alone. As part of our ‘Me and My Energy’ programme – where we’re working closely with up to 20 families around the UK, as well as a wider panel



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