The Golden Rules of Saving Energy

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Our top 10 Energy Saving Tips The long, lovely summer is on its way out and we’ll soon be turning the clocks back. Sadly more time spent in our comfy, cosy homes can mean higher energy bills. Take September as an example; npower experienced a 65%* spike in gas when the temperature dropped and we

Join the Fan Club

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How to keep yourself cool indoors At last! Summer is finally here and the mercury has risen to heights not seen for some time. This is great for sunbathing on the beach if you have the free time, but unfortunately conditions such as this can create an extremely uncomfortable environment for some people. If you

Keep your garden green

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Make the most of every downpour by installing a water butt. In recent years, it seems that no sooner do we hear rumours of hosepipe bans, than the heavens open and flood alerts follow. Oh, and whatever did happen to that barbecue summer we were promised – shortly before one of the wettest summers on

How to... bleed a radiator

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If you saw our earlier blog on how to set your thermostat you’ll know we’re running a series of “how to” blogs with tips on carrying out DIY jobs that’ll help you save energy and money. Next up: how to bleed a radiator. You need to bleed a radiator when there’s trapped air or gas

How to... set your thermostat

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In a bid to help you get some easy energy efficiency DIY jobs done around the house, we thought we’d do a “how to” series of blogs with some handy tips for completing simple tasks that could really help you save energy. First up is setting your thermostat – a task that’s so simple it



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