The scariest day of the year...

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Programming your thermostat shouldn’t be scary Shivers, unexplained icy breezes and things that go bump in the night. There’s one day in the calendar that brings our attention to these creepy goings-on. Walking into cold rooms and clunks and clanks from the very depths of your homes’ heating are enough to send a shiver up

Our Acts of Warmness campaign

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Important little ways to stay cosy this winter It’s getting a bit chilly out there and if your thoughts have turned to fluffy slippers, hot water bottles and cosy winter evenings, you may also be wondering how you can resist the need to crank the heating up quite so high. There are, in fact, lots

Discover the brains behind the beauty

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Created by one of the designers behind Apple’s iPhone, it’s no surprise the Nest Learning Thermostat™ is so easy on the eye. But while its beauty is striking, you might be even more impressed by its brains. Behind the sleek black screen is a unique self-learning technology, known as Nest Sense™. This uses a clever

The Nest Thermostat - inside the box

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With its unique and beautiful Nest Learning Thermostat™, Nest has done something amazing: they’ve rethought the humble central heating thermostat. With eco-conscious, style-savvy homeowners itching to get their hands on one, we thought we’d better take a look inside the box. Here’s what you get, and what your npower-approved installer will be bringing to life.

'Insulation, insulation, insulation' says Phil.

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Does your home have carbon appeal as well as curb appeal? Phil Spencer shares his tips on making your home more energy efficient, and saleable. Boosting your curb and carbon appeal Property programmes have taught us a lot about buying and selling houses. We all know that a little effort and a lick of paint



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