A wildlife-friendly winter

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Turn your garden into a cosy haven for birds, insects and furry friends when the cold weather hits. Nature doesn’t have central heating, ovens or fridge freezers. Instead, birds, insects and wildlife rely on extra layers of fat, hidden food stores and secret hideaways to get through the winter. As their human neighbours, there’s a

Cavity wall insulation

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Our quick Q & A could help you stay warm and save money According to government estimates there are at least 5.8 million homes in the UK that still need cavity wall insulation*. And if your home is one of them, you could make valuable savings by reducing all that lovely, cosy, expensive warmth that

The Golden Rules of Saving Energy

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Our top 10 Energy Saving Tips The long, lovely summer is on its way out and we’ll soon be turning the clocks back. Sadly more time spent in our comfy, cosy homes can mean higher energy bills. Take September as an example; npower experienced a 65%* spike in gas when the temperature dropped and we

FIT Tariff payments

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Lola describes herself as a ‘middle aged, middle income, muddling along’ homeowner who divides her time between working, cooking and sleeping. She lives in a ex-miners cottage in Somerset which she has been slowly making more energy efficient over the past 7 years… With all this talk of energy efficiency and the new Green deal,

Go a little greener

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Top tips to help you save money on the road Remember the protests about fuel prices in the year 2000? Back then, prices at the pumps were around 80p per litre.* Thirteen years later you’re likely to be paying between £1.34 and £1.39. And no one’s holding their breath waiting for prices to go down.



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