Not well? Stay home!

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Illness is a huge problem for businesses of all sizes, with staff absence costing UK employers billions of pounds each year. Slogging into work when we feel unwell often feels like the right thing to do, especially in a small business where there are less people to cover the work.  By coming in and soldiering

Meet Bob. The real hero behind Christmas.

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Every successful business has unsung heroes like Bob. You know, the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the wheels turning. If that sounds like you, you’re in for a treat. As npower Business energy customers, you and your colleagues are entitled to FREE npower Business Rewards. That means you can enjoy hundreds

Getting staff rewards right

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SMEs are great places to work, as employees get real hands-on experience of a wide range of areas and often take a lot of responsibility. There’s also a real sense of pulling together in a small team to get things done. One drawback, however is that often smaller businesses are not able to match the salaries

How can you retain your staff? Reward them

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We know that one of the biggest challenges facing SMEs is a shortage of skills. Finding  – and keeping – talent is key to the success of your business. And when it comes to growth, a well-equipped and motivated workforce is essential. And to keep employees around, you need to keep them happy. One way

Don’t burn out - why it's important to take a break

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We get it. Running a business means you rarely, if ever, take your foot off the pedal. But taking a break is important. Here are just some of the reasons to step away from the office for a while. Refuel Numerous studies show that you actually get more done when you step back and recharge.



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