Is Social Media Marketing right for your SME?

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Social Media is a great way for many small businesses to promote themselves, but can also easily be a time waster that delivers no ROI. That’s a cost you really can’t afford if you’re running your own business and stretched in all directions, so rather than tell you how easy it is to run a

An introduction to content marketing

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If you’re running your own business you’ll know how crucial marketing is in sending a steady stream of new customers your way. You need to spread the word about what you do so that the right customers get to know, like and trust you. You’ve got to decide how best to spend your marketing budget

Getting to a digital strategy

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Digital allows you to do anything, so what comes first? Digital technology really is making almost anything possible. It is expanding the way we communicate, it is accelerating customer expectations, and it is changing business models. The rapid evolution in technology is evolving customers’ behaviour faster than many companies can adapt to it. It also

Visiting an exhibition

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We’ve looked at promoting your business at trade shows, but how about seeing things from the other side of the fence, if you get an opportunity to attend an exhibition as a visitor – aimed either at your business sector, or at your specialist role within your organisation.

Networking to promote your business

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Networking: a word that strikes fear into the hearts of many a small business owner. Why does the prospect of going up and having a conversation that could potentially benefit both parties fill so many people with dread? 



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