Hi all, I'm Guy, npower's Director of External Communications. I started at npower in October 2013 after six years as Head of Corporate and Internal Communications for E.ON UK. Prior to that I spent 14 years in the US, most recently as Senior Director of PR at Microsoft. After completing a PhD in London University’s Department of War Studies, my career began in politics before becoming a lobbyist and then spending four years in Government relations role at Glaxo Pharmaceuticals. After this, I joined the pharmaceutical company Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, working initially in the UK before moving to the US as Director of Worldwide Corporate Communications in 1994. In 2000, I moved to Unisys - here I spent six years as Vice President of Corporate Media Relations before joining Microsoft. So, why the move to the energy industry? What I love is that in the energy industry now, we've got the perfect opportunity to make things better for our customers - to make energy simpler, to help their houses stop wasting heat and to make it easier for them to work with us. In many areas we've a long way to go - we know that - but there's no one working harder than us to make these improvements happen. I look forward to sharing more of our developments with you in the future. Guy #EnergyGuy

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Regaining customer trust...

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Guest blogger Adele Halsall of Customer Service Guru takes a look at the current climate for energy companies and whether they will be able to regain the trust of their customers… Over the past five years, the problems facing the energy sector in the UK have become more and more apparent. In January 2014, industry Read the full post

Energy Bill Revolution

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  Trying to convince people the benefits of energy efficiency is no easy task. It’s arguably one of the most boring subjects on the planet, but the potential benefits on the wallet or the purse are massive. A phrase often overused states that ‘The greenest energy is the energy we don’t use’, but try telling Read the full post

It Ain't Necessarily So...

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Ask ten politicians the same question and you get ten different answers, supported by ten different statistics. Energy has long been a political football, with energy companies usually being the target for the kicking.  We can’t respond to everything that’s said, but I think it’s legitimate for us to comment from the sidelines from time Read the full post

Is customer engagement in energy just about switching?

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This week, the energy industry published last month’s switching figures for the UK energy industry. They make interesting reading. In February, 248,000 people switched energy supplier – around 1% of all energy customers in the country. In the past 12 months, there have been around 3,500,000 switches. In November alone a record 615,000 people switched. Read the full post

Energy direct debits: Are they fair?

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When the Energy Secretary Ed Davey wrote recently about gas profits, he made the interesting and accurate observation that for some reason most conversation about energy focuses on electricity, even though most customers spend more on gas. This is something that has puzzled me for some time too. Until now, domestic gas supply seemed to Read the full post



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