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With the weather hotting up over the last few weeks, it means the summer holidays are approaching fast. Everyone loves a summer break and this can be a headache for employers in terms of balancing staff levels – especially if you have employees with school aged children.

Here are some tips when looking at holidays for staff:

Annual Leave Entitlement

Make sure your employees have a clear understanding of how much annual leave they are entitled to when you hire them. By law you need to offer 28 days annual leave for a full time (5 day a week) employee. Part time employees need to have their entitlement pro-rata.

Bank Holidays

It’s not a legal requirement to pay staff for having bank holidays off and you are not required to offer additional pay for working either – it’s entirely up to you as an employer. If your business depends on good staffing levels for a bank holiday, it’s always good to make it attractive to work – day off in lieu or extra pay.

Make sure your employee winds down

Everyone needs a holiday. Whether it’s the odd day off at home, or a two week break to France and as an employer you need to make sure your staff get a good break during the year. You also need to make sure you take a break yourself! Take a look at our great holiday offers.

Booking in advance

Make sure your staff don’t wait until the last minute to request a week off. At the start of the year, remind everyone how much notice they need to give you to book a holiday. It’s also good to set a limit on how many people can have the same week off, especially around the school holidays or Christmas and make sure it’s clear to avoid disappointment. Also a make sure staff have consecutive days/weeks off as it can make finding cover easier. To help you manage staff holiday we have teamed up with Timetastic to offer you 6 months free holiday planning for your business.

Holiday approval

Set up a holiday approval process to make it simpler for you and your employees. Have a system in place where staff can see who has what holiday, so it can make it easier when requesting annual leave.

Busy times

For busy holiday periods like Christmas and New Year, the normal first come first served basis might not be the fairest. If you can’t shut down your business, try pulling names out of a hat or splitting out the days.

For more information on annual leave entitlement or to calculate an employee’s annual leave entitlement visit:

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