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Today is International Women’s Day and to celebrate, every day this week we’re featuring some of our female colleagues, asking them all about their career from leaving school through to what they are doing today.

candice  Candice Nolan,

Head of Propositions & Campaigns, npower Business

“I started my working life as a shelf stacker in my in local SPAR, a job that was short lived as I had my bike stolen from outside the store so had to give up the job as I couldn’t get there anymore!  My first proper job after University was working for Transco, the company that was looking after the newly deregulated energy industry, and  have come full circle after working in retail, financial services and many other industries back to energy.

I worked as  a contractor for many years before starting at npower after having my daughter three years ago.  Npower is a great company to work for on many levels including its ability to maintain a great worklife balance.  We work in an ‘Agile’ environment, meaning none of us have permanent desks and we can work where ever we want. It does mean no holiday or family pictures on your desk! This allows for greater flexibility around sickness, for both me and when my daughter is ill, school drop off and meetings.  Most of my team have children and we are more productive as they are able to work from home, from one of our other offices, or even a coffee shop if needs be.  I think it’s a great,forward thinking approach, especially for working women, as I know a lot of my friends have struggled to move jobs or return to work after children with their company’s lack of flexibility.

What do I get out of work?  I’m unusual in that I went back to work seven weeks after my daughter was born.  I found being at home hard work so swapped with my husband.  He enjoyed baby groups and I got what I needed: mental stimulation.  I am easily bored so need constant stimulation, I don’t sit still at work or outside of work.  I train regularly, in fact I am doing a triathlon in May.  I’ve written a book and have another one due out in the summer.  Work keeps me challenged and I’m always looking for something new and different, what is the next opportunity, what can we do better.  My team probably find me hard work as I am constantly pushing them!

The boldest thing I have ever done is resign from a job with no job to go to.  I was really unhappy where I was but also about to buy my first house with my partner.  It was scary but I knew that I would be able to get another job somehow.  We completed on the house and I resigned the next day.  It was the best thing I ever did as that was when I started contracting and for nearly ten years I learnt a great deal about people, stakeholder management, and worked on lots of things I wouldn’t have done as a permanent employee.  Make that leap – it’s worth it.

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