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This year March 8th is International Women’s day, with the theme ‘Be Bold To Change’ and to celebrate, every day this week we’re featuring some of our female colleagues, asking them all about their career from leaving school through to what they are doing today.

Birgit Birgit Lichtenstein,

Managing Director Innogy Business Services UK

I grew up in North West Germany close to the Dutch border. Having studied Economics my first job was in the corporate development area in RWE Energy in 1992, where I was responsible for looking for new business opportunities.

In 2015 I made a bold move to the UK on secondment and am now responsible for IT across the business. The role offered a huge opportunity for me to improve the situation as we were over outsourcing which was leading to issues that affected the business negatively. I love the challenges that the job brings, seeing the improvements being made gives me a great kick personally. IT is so vital these days in a Retail environment as literally no processes could work without it. The opportunities offered by this are almost limitless.

I think with women the work-life balance is a very personal thing but I think we have a very strong drive to get done what needs to be done and also what is expected of us. Over time people learn how to make the balance work for them.

Despite working in a very challenging environment I try to make time to enjoy some gardening, cooking with friends and sports, particularly Tennis.

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