How do you plan?

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A few weeks ago 2017 seemed such a long wait, now it’s here and you need to make sure you’ve planned for the year ahead.

Sometimes being asked what your business plan is for the next year can be pretty daunting, especially if you’ve just jotted down some bullet points on an old post it note. Even if you have, it doesn’t matter because at least you have a plan. Not every business plan is pages and pages long, some are a paragraph on the back of a photo that a business aspires to be like, and some are 40 pages long. It all depends on the business type and size.

Every business plans for the future in different ways. Some take a look at the market in their area of expertise and some companies carry on doing what they know best – why change something that works!
Sometimes planning not only for the next 12 months but for the next five years is a great thing to do, not only looking at the immediate future but also looking at what your business could look like in years to come.

We asked a few different businesses how they plan for the future and this is what they said:

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