What are your business must haves?

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At times, running a small business can be pretty overwhelming. To succeed and grow your business, you need the perfect mix of having great talent and the right technology, all the while making sure you’re flexible and responsive to constant changes.

A quick poll of small business owners told us that;

20% thought technology was most important to their business’s success

Considering that a lot of SMEs will have one platform for sales, marketing, customer service functions and processes, it’s easy to see why having the right technology and keeping up to date with it is vital for growth and efficiency.

31% believe that having the right people is key for growth

Get it right and your business’s growth will most likely increase, but get it wrong and it could lead to a one step forward two steps back scenario, proving to be costly, stressful and time-consuming. As difficult as it can be to let go of some of the workload and responsibility when it’s your company at stake, it can pay off no end with the right team in place.

49% of the of SMEs asked said being flexible and agile was important

That’s not surprising, considering the fact that small businesses need to grab every new opportunity as it presents itself, or risk losing out to competitors. Flexibility also gives employees in the business more freedom and accountability which has a positive effect on how they perform.

We asked some SMEs what their business ‘must haves’ were, here’s what they said:

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