Road Safety Week

Road Safety 630x362 11 2016

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Road Safety Week is a time of year that everyone can relate to. Whether you drive or not, the majority of people need awareness at some point.

Work related road crashes cost UK employers around £2.7 billion a year*. By educating staff about road and safety awareness you can help deliver business benefits such as reducing lost time and lowering insurance premiums.

At least 31% of fatal crashes and 26% of serious injury crashes in Britain involve someone driving for work*. When you are an employer you have a duty of care to make sure all of your staff and drivers are safe when driving for work, whether that’s in a company car, van or in their own car.

Up to 95% of crashes are down to driver error which means they are totally avoidable*. Giving staff proper training can address these errors and educating staff of the laws when driving can minimise accidents.

Speeding is another big cause for crashes. It’s down to employers to make sure employees and drivers have time for delays in their schedules and are not put under pressure to meet a deadline which would cause them to speed.

Do you really need to travel??

Teleconferencing and webcasts are growing increasingly popular with many businesses favouring this over getting in the car. Where this is possible it’s always best to use as not only does it mean business travel can be avoided, but it can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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