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As a business owner there is already so many things you have to remember. Paying bills, looking after staff, running your business , cashflow, the list is endless. Make sure you don’t let energy bills be one of them.

Managing your energy online is simple, cost effective and is one less thing to remember, especially before Christmas.

Setting up your account online only takes a few minutes and you’ll have access to a host of free services:

Send us your meter readings whenever you want

No one likes to receive an estimated bill, no matter where it’s from. With online account management we can text or email you when we need to update your account. This can help you ensure you always get correct bills and help you to budget for more exciting things, like Christmas.

See your bills online whenever you want to

Waiting for a bill to come through the post is never an interesting activity and budgeting to pay them is even worse. You can view your bills from the last 2 years and cut out that annoying paperwork with online account management taking your business towards a paperless office.

And don’t worry about budgeting either, we’ll notify you when your bill is ready.

Pay your bills online

If your company struggles with cashflow, you’re not alone – most small businesses experience difficulties balancing the books. Paying your bills online is a step in the right direction to help manage this and one less thing to think about. We will let you know when your payment is due and you can simply log in and pay.

Join 30,000 business customers who’ve already chosen to look after their business energy online.


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