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Need a hand with what to remember, remember on the 5th of November? Our bonfire night checklist has all the essentials covered – from finding the right kind of fireworks for you, to the tasty bonfire night treats that’ll ensure your guests have an absolute blast.


Pick the best spot
You’ll need an open space free of dry grass and overhead obstructions for your fireworks, plus a safe area for spectators to watch from. It’s also a good idea to tell elderly neighbours or those with pets or small children what you’re planning so you don’t startle them.

Stock up on supplies
You’ll want to pick up plenty of tasty treats to keep your crowd cheerful. Go traditional with slow roast pork and classic Yorkshire parkin cake. Or you could always add a contemporary twist with nachos, popcorn and marshmallows. Tasty.

Choose the right fireworks
Always buy your fireworks from a reputable, licensed supplier. Any fireworks in categories 1 to 3 are considered suitable for amateurs (category 4 fireworks are for professional use only).


Check the conditions
Take another look at the weather conditions, wind direction, where your fireworks will land and any overhead obstructions. If anything’s changed, you might need to think about re positioning your launch site.

Throw some food on the fire
If you’re using a BBQ, firepit or chiminea to keep your spectators warm – why not get cooking while you’re at it? Toast marshmallows, make campfire cones or wrap pre-boiled potatoes in foil for super tasty low-energy, low-effort baked potatoes.

Prepare for launch
Check your fireworks’ instructions. Most smaller fireworks can be launched from a bucket packed tightly with soft earth or sand. But you may find flat-bottomed fireworks need to sit on a wooden board or plank and any bigger rockets might require you to use a special launcher.

Sparkle safely
Sparklers can reach temperatures of over 1000oC – so they should always be handled with care. Wear gloves, put a responsible adult in charge of supervising any children and have a bucket of water ready to fully extinguish the spent sparklers when you’re done.


Clear up carefully
Don’t touch any dud or used fireworks for 30 minutes after firing. Douse them in water and use BBQ tongs or well-insulated gloves to pick up any casings on the night (remember to check the area again in the morning).

Deal with disposal
Once they’ve suitably cooled, you can pop spent firework casings in your normal rubbish bag. To safely dispose of any misfired, dud or unused fireworks, simply leave them submerged in a bucket of water for 24 hours before putting them in the bin.

Re-use your wood ashes
If you’ve used wood to keep your bonfire night BBQ, chiminea or fire pit burning, you can repurpose any leftover ashes as fertiliser to help lower the acidity of your soil and keep your garden looking great.

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