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With 44% of SMEs believing that they are not at risk of cyber-attack it’s never been more important to be prepared.

In the USA 44%* of small businesses reported being the victim of a cyber-attack costing them an average of £9,000 per attack. Do you have that kind of money to throw about?

It’s also worrying to note that 23% of small businesses have no idea what to do to protect themselves against a cyber-attack.

Cybercrime can surface in many forms, some of the most popular are hacking, phishing and pharming. If you fall victim to any of these, not only have you got to spend money putting it right, but you will also have to spend money protecting yourself after. Plus the criminals could have got hold of important customer data.

Here are some things you can put in place to help protect your business:

  • Back up your data regularly – if your systems get hacked, it’s a possibility your data could get wiped. Make sure you store the backup away from the premises
  • Make sure passwords are changed at least every 90 days for all staff members – making sure combinations need numbers and letters can help keep passwords strong
  • Encrypt your data – this will make it harder for hackers to decipher
  • Restrict the types of websites that employees are allowed to visit – this can help you exclude the sites that could compromise your network
  • Make sure that all of your mobile business devices (phones, tablets) have system access passwords and are locked when not in use
  • Have ID cards or something that makes it easy to determine they are members of staff and make sure they wear them at all times. This way you can see if anyone has entered the building who is not meant to

When it comes to protecting your business, the most important thing is to apply a cyber-security lens to everything you do. If you’re ever in doubt, get advice from a cyber-security professional before a potential threat causes any real damage.



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