Engineering firm saves up to 10 per cent off their annual energy bills

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An engineer from Newcastle has saved his business up to 10 per cent off the company’s energy bills. money after seeking advice from an energy saving expert.

Paul Wilson is the Managing Director of EDM Zone, an engineering firm located in Newcastle’s Hawick Crescent Industrial Estate.

Specialising in creating objects shaped by electrical sparks, EDM Zone uses a complex process known as electric discharge machining, which as the description suggests, is an energy intensive process. The process sees up to 22 machines being used up to six days every week.

Paul, who founded the company in 1972 and has more than 30 years of engineering experience under his belt, is constantly looking at ways to save money for his business. And by working with his energy supplier, has done just that.

Although key to helping Paul better understand how to become more energy efficient was a detailed energy audit, the most significant energy saving initiative to date has been the subsequent recommendation and installation of EMSc’s Powerstar voltage optimisation (VO) technology. The VO technology reduces the voltage received into the business (c240V down to around 220v) in a controlled manner to reduce overall energy consumption.

Other initiatives to help save money include the replacement of existing lights with LEDs, implementing new processes to monitor water conservation, and the installation of compressed air leak detection. These changes now means that EDM Zone guarantees that the energy being used to run the machinery will use approximately 6-8% less voltage supply.

Paul Wilson, Managing Director of EDM Zone, said: “Energy is fundamental to the success of the company and vital to the everyday running of the business. That also means energy bills tend to be high. Whilst we have always considered our energy usage, we were always conscious that we may be able to make savings in other areas too. Since making the changes we know we are saving money every day which is a great comfort when running an energy intensive business, allowing us to reinvest the money back into the business.”

Phil Scholes, SME Markets Director at npower Business, added: “We know that in order to run their SME efficiently, owners and operators are always looking to get a better handle on their outgoings, reducing them where possible. Whilst many shrug off energy as a necessary cost, there are almost always ways in which businesses can make savings. By highlighting what entrepreneurs like Paul are doing, it is our hope that more businesses will realise that there are steps that they too can take to become more energy efficient.”

The energy audits involve a site visit by an energy efficiency expert, which result in a detailed plan being created. These set out up to 10 energy savings measures which could then be implemented, dependent on cost. These plans reflect the size, type, size of investment and payback period required for each business.

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