How much energy are you using compared to other households?


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We’ve launched an exciting new feature which allows you to see how much energy you’re using compared to other npower homes of a similar size in your area. Plus, we’ll give you personalised advice that could save you money on your bills.

So how does it work?

To get started, you’ll need to log onto your online account. If you’ve not got one yet, you can set one up really quickly.

Then you just need to answer 6 simple questions to create your household profile.


Our comparison tool form


Once you’ve done this, we’ll let you know how your energy usage compares with other households like yours – split by electricity and gas.


Results from our household comparison tool


We’ll also give you tips and advice to help you cut down on your energy usage – which could save you money – all based on your household profile.

It’s all really easy. Our new feature in your energy usage toolkit is just another way you can take control of your energy use.

Log in and get started today.

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Rob | commented on 29.08.15

I tried to fill this form in and I have not got a boiler, so the form sends me back to fill in how old is your boiler which I cannot fill in so I back out of filling the form in and go back to the Npower home page and the box pops up again saying you have a new feature fill this form in. What a waste of web page space.

    Guy | commented on 12.10.15

    Hi Rob, We're really sorry for the delay getting back to you. Have you managed to resolve the issue? If not, pop me an email over and we'll ensure this is looked into for you. Thanks, David

J Huntridge | commented on 06.09.15

I note that this comparison does not take into account whether the householders are retired or working from home. This is an important piece of information which needs to be taken into account in order to make a proper comparison. During the winter, this would make a considerable difference to consumption and needs to be included.

    Guy | commented on 12.10.15

    Hi there, Thank you for your feedback. The points you've made are absolutely valid so I've fed this back to the relevant business area for consideration. Thanks David

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