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Seasonal Savings may sound like a catchy headline but when it comes to the Nest Learning Thermostat™, it’s an automatic app that will help you save energy by making tiny adjustments to your already established schedule. And it’s unique to npower in the UK. If you’ve got a Nest from us, it’s included at no extra cost as a feature of your Nest Thermostat.

Nest Thermostats – like most of us – are creatures of habit, learning your routine and preferred temperatures. However, with Seasonal Savings, your Nest will look for opportunities to make small changes whilst keeping you comfortable. For that reason, Seasonal Savings won’t appear on every Nest. If you are already as energy efficient as you can be, or you don’t have a schedule, you’ll not see the Seasonal Savings message.

With winter rapidly approaching, we’ve an overview of what Seasonal Savings is, how it can help you save energy and how it works.

How does Seasonal Savings work?

Think of Seasonal Savings as a tune up ready for winter. By making very small changes, such as a half a degree change in temperature here and there, Nest can save you use less heating without sacrificing comfort. How much you save depends on your usage and weather conditions at the time, but you could start to see the impact of Seasonal Savings on your bills.

There are three simple steps:

  • Seasonal Savings will look to adjust night time temperatures; saving energy while you sleep
  • Seasonal Savings will look to reduce temperatures when you are away regularly, such as work
  • Finally, tiny temperature adjustments may happen while you’re at home, often so incremental you’ll not even notice.

As an npower customer, why could I have access to Seasonal Savings?

Seasonal Savings is a Nest Thermostat feature available in the UK to npower customers who have a Nest from us, either as part of a tariff or as a standalone. Powered by Auto-Tune, Nest offers Seasonal Savings to npower customers at no additional cost.

What if I don’t like it?

With the Nest Thermostat, you’re always in complete control. If it’s a particular temperature you don’t like, you can override Seasonal Savings simply by changing the temperature. If you decide you don’t want to use Seasonal Savings, then Nest support can help you cancel it.

How could I get a Nest Thermostat?

If you’re not signed up to Intelligent Control – October 2016, now’s the time. It’s an energy tariff for homeowners who are dual fuel customers, pay by direct debit and manage their account online.

Sound good? When you upgrade to Intelligent Control – October 2016, we’ll freeze your energy prices until 31 October 2016 and at no extra cost you’ll get a Nest Thermostat with standard installation (worth £249).

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Intelligent Control – October 2016: Prices fixed until 31/10/16 subject to governmental or regulatory requirements. An early exit fee of £50 per fuel may apply before 12/09/16.

Installation: Includes standard installation of a Nest Learning Thermostat™. If your property is not eligible for standard installation, you may incur additional charges should you decide to proceed with the installation.

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Worth £249: £179 is the retail price chargeable by npower for the Nest Learning Thermostat and the standard npower installation charge is £70, if purchased as a standalone product without your gas/electricity supply. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Correct as at 25/09/14.

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