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With its unique and beautiful Nest Learning Thermostat™, Nest has done something amazing: they’ve rethought the humble central heating thermostat. With eco-conscious, style-savvy homeowners itching to get their hands on one, we thought we’d better take a look inside the box. Here’s what you get, and what your npower-approved installer will be bringing to life.

The Nest Learning Thermostat

This is the lovely round dial, with a sleek black display and shiny metal rim. Unlike your average thermostat, it’s just asking to be touched. Which is quite deliberate, because the more you play with it, the more it learns how you like your heating. This helps you stay comfortable and could even help save energy.

The Heat Link

The white square with rounded corners is the control box that’s connected directly to your boiler or to a junction box near your boiler. As the name suggests, it’s the link between your Nest Thermostat and your boiler.

Wall-mounting kit (or ‘trim plate’)

It’s reassuring to see that a great product isn’t let down by a flimsy installation kit. The trim plate consists of a white rectangular back plate to hide any holes made by your previous thermostat, and a white ring into which your new Nest Thermostat fits, nice and snug. Your installer might not need to use the trim plate at all, but if they do, the thoughtful people at Nest have incorporated neat cable management and even a mini spirit level, ensuring a very tidy, level installation.

Optional stand (purchased separately for £29)

Don’t want it wall-mounted? You may prefer to have your Nest Thermostat on a stand, so you can keep it just where you want it. Again, no corners cut on quality here – it’s a sturdy, good-looking accessory.

Other bits and bobs

The box includes a micro-usb cable and power plug for charging your Nest Thermostat when it’s on the optional stand. You’ll find an installation guide, your Nest Warranty card and a user guide in there too. Of course, if you don’t want the clutter you can just download it online. And the attention to detail doesn’t stop there. The box even includes some rather nice stainless steel mounting screws that were designed by Nest. Best leave those for your installer to enjoy.


Beautiful product. Quality fixings. Clear instructions. Not your average thermostat.

One last thing that’s not in the box is the expertise of an npower-approved installer who’ll call round and get your Nest Thermostat up and running for you, it takes around 75 minutes for the installation. They’ll make fitting and using Nest an absolute doddle.

So if you can’t wait any longer, find out how you could get the Nest Learning Thermostat expertly installed in your home for just £99 (worth £279) with Intelligent Fix – April 2017.

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