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Looks like homeowners in the UK’s well-to-do postcodes might not be doing so well when it comes to conserving energy. How does your area fare on our UK heatmap?

The north/south heat divide
A new ‘heatmap(1)’ from npower shows that more than half of Britain’s 26 million homes are wasting money by allowing heat to escape through walls and roofs.

Houses in the country’s most exclusive postcodes – Kensington and Chelsea – are the worst offenders with 83% failing to install either cavity or solid wall insulation. Homes in the windy Outer Hebrides and chilly Aberdeenshire, however, are the best at keeping their owners cosy. Of course, it’s not simply a case of a north/south divide – Gateshead in the North East has proven to be the worst offender when it comes to loft insulation with only 27% of homes having the recommended 270mm of insulation.

UK Heatmap




So why is the UK wasting energy? To get to the bottom of our heatmap findings, we also carried out a survey(2). A third of those we asked didn’t feel that energy efficiency was a big enough concern for them. But not all of us have money to burn; 46% said they just couldn’t afford it, and 36% blamed lack of government support.

The good news is that insulating can actually save you money, and thanks to government-led schemes such as ECO (the Energy Companies Obligation) you may even be able to get energy saving improvements for free.

Why insulate?

In case you need a reminder, installing energy saving improvements can make a world of difference:

Slash bills

You could save up to £140 a year with cavity wall insulation, up to £150 with loft insulation and up to £305 with a new boiler. Altogether, that could add up to a saving of up to £600 a year – or a £150 saving on each quarterly bill.

Feel the difference…
No more bed socks, hot water bottles and blankets on the sofa. No more draughts making your toes cold. No more refusing to get out of the shower because it’s the only place you feel warm. Just a comfy, cosy home that feels warm when you want it to.

…and make a difference
It’s everyone’s responsibility to save energy and save the planet. Burning carbon-based energy, such as gas, oil and coal to make electricity, also produces carbon dioxide (CO2) which causes climate change . The less energy we use, the less gas, oil and coal is burned and the less CO2 released.


[1] Heatview map created based on data licensed from the Energy Saving Trust

[2] npower commissioned One Poll to conduct research on w/c 6th January. The research was conducted amongst 1000 participants in the UK.

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