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Energy Save Week

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For one week, give energy saving a go and see how easy it is to change. You never know – those great new habits might stick.

We talk about what a difference a day makes – but what about a whole week? What if all of us put our efforts into saving energy as part of Citizens Advice Bureau’s Big Energy Saving Week? We think it would make a world of difference.

Truth is, making small changes can have big outcomes on your bill – be it turning lights off when you leave the room, or making sure unused laptops aren’t left whirring away on standby. npower customers are now able to experience this first hand thanks to our new-look bills. Featuring concise energy-usage graphs they show how usage can peak and trough seasonally and how even a subtle shift in household dynamics can make an impact.

So how are the customers featured here in our Me and My Energy video utilising these new energy-tracking tools?

Carol Morgan from Tyne & Wear has an AGA cooker. “Especially in the winter months, the AGA uses up a lot of gas and I try and counter this by adjusting the setting to be very low in the summer. When I go online to pay my bill, the graphs show those seasonal changes and I find that helpful.”

Ann and Donald from Hertfordshire regularly check their consumption and take steps to reduce it. “When you see the effect just turning one light on can have, you try and make adjustments”, says Don. “We’ve got a garden, so when the weather is right, there’s no need for the tumble dryer”.

Betty and Ian live in Worcestershire and noticed that after Ian retired their energy consumption increased significantly. “I was rather surprised by the amount of gas we used this year. We were able to compare with last year’s use and because I’ve been at home more, it was significantly higher”.

The customers in our Me and My Energy video are proof that small changes can help lower bills. Want to know how you can start? Visit the Big Energy Saving Week website  and read our practical tips to save energy – and money, too.

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