Naughty or nice? A look at this year's most-wanted gadgets and gizmos.


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Yes, it’s that time of year. The time when we travel hundreds of miles to spend meaningful, quality time with our closest friends and dear family members. And then ignore them while we play on our new gadgets.

This year, retailers are predicting that cameras, smartphones, and games consoles will be among the most popular presents this Christmas, with the biggest sellers overall being tablets. According to The Guardian, John Lewis expects to sell a tablet every 15 seconds in the run-up to Christmas, with the most-wanted—and consequently biggest-selling—gadget forecast to be the iPad mini.

This level of device consumption should come as no surprise. Experts* estimate that by 2014, 24.6 million of us will be using a tablet,with 34.6 million—53.7% of the population—of us carrying around a smartphone**. Father Christmas is going to be very busy.

But while smartphones, laptops, and tablets will take up a big share of the Christmas gift market, you’ll still find plenty of gadgets and gizmos for the other rooms in your home. Here’s a few of our favourites:

Living room: TVs dominate many wish-lists, and the bigger the better. Just make sure you’ve got enough room for that 55” screen you’ve got your eye on. Hoping for an Xbox One or Sony PS4? You may be out of luck; after their almost simultaneous release at the end of November, a buying frenzy means that stocks are currently very low.

Kitchen: Inspired no doubt by BBC Two’s The Great British Bake Off, mixers, food processors, bread-makers, and other nifty little gadgets that slice, chop, pulse, and blend seem to be almost as desirable as tablets and gaming consoles. In fact, you can spend almost as much on gadgets for your kitchen as you can on your mobile devices, with a high-end food processor setting you back close to £400.

Bedroom: Looks like the bedroom is poised to overtake the living room in the gadget count—and there are some great gizmos out there. A pillow with a built-in MP3 speaker has to be the most relaxing way to drift off to sleep. And for a gentle wake-up call, we found a lighting system that gradual brightens your bedroom simulating the rising sun. And on the subject of mood lighting, how about LED rechargeable candles? They flicker realistically but don’t drip wax and aren’t a fire hazard.

Bathroom: Think the bathroom is a gadget-free room? Think again. We found Wi-Fi enabled bathroom scales that let you record and monitor your weight; an electric toothbrush that gives you immediate feedback on your tooth-brushing performance; and an LED shower head that showers you with colour-changing light as well as water.

So what do people really think are the hot, must-have gadgets right now? We spoke with some of our customers about the ones they love, the ones they can’t live without—and the ones that simply seemed like a good idea at the time. See what our customers are saying.

And then we took to the streets see what people are putting at the very top of their can’t-live-without gadget lists. Watch our on the streets video and get some inspiration for your own Christmas list!

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