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We all know someone whose life has been affected by cancer. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to show your support for that person by helping us decorate Macmillan Cancer Support’s Tree of Light—an enormous, ten metre Christmas Tree, donated by npower, right in the middle of London’s Covent Garden.

In exchange for a small donation to Macmillan, you can write your message of love or remembrance on a Christmas bauble and it will be hung on the tree. The Tree of Light is open to the public, starting today. If you’re in Covent Garden today, you can watch as Clare Balding dedicates the very first bauble!

You probably know that Macmillan Cancer Support provides those affected by cancer with practical, emotional and financial support. But did you know that almost all their money—98%—comes from donations from people like you?

So while the tree and the electricity that will power it is a gift from npower, it’s the messages of love and support that will really light it up. Please join in and help ensure that no one has to face cancer alone this Christmas.

Here are all the ways you can take part:

  • Come along to Convent Garden and dedicate a Christmas bauble in person.
  • Submit your dedication online . Your message will be displayed on a video screen around the Tree of Light.
  • Text TREE to 70550 to donate £3.00.Text costs £3.00 plus network charge. Macmillan Cancer Support receives 95p for every £1 you donate. Obtain bill payers permission. Charity No 261017.

The Tree of Light will be open every day from 10th December to Christmas Eve, from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., so please take a minute to stop by, enjoy our carol singers , and dedicate your bauble for Macmillan’s Tree of Light.

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cassim ladha | commented on 02.04.14

On the 12th December I received 3 bills at the same time, all stating I had a huge credit although the amount varied between £2900-£2400. I rang up customer services (talked to Johnathan Sirrell) and was told I had been placed on the wrong tarif and the amount would be repaid immediately. On the same call I informed NPOWER I would be moving home at the end of Jan and would no longer need utility supply; I was told to contact nearer the time (2 weeks before hand). This is did on the 25th Jan. On the same call I informed the call handler (I had not received my rebate. He was unable to decipher the bill himself (they are so complicated!) and told me he needed to work out the exact amount and that is why it had not been paid. I was called back by a supervisor(Garreth Harland) whom explained I needed a final bill before I would get my money. As my account was going to close shortly, I was advised to wait 7 days. He promised me I would be sent a final bill and I would be reimbursed what I was owed. That never happened, so I rang back and managed to get through again to Garreth. He apologised and told me he had made a "mistake" and that the amount over £500 needed to be authorised. He also apologised I had not received a final bill and that it would be sent out. Garreth promised he would take this case personally and call me back 28 days later (the time needed for authorisation). This didn't happen either. I rang up today and spoke to Coleen in customer services whom told me to make a complaint (which could take 7-10 days to even acknowledge). I asked her to put me though directly but the number was very busy and so she couldn't (although she could give me the same number that was on the website!) Dissatisfied I was put through to Christopher Waugh (her supervisor) whom told me there was "nothing he could do" and that it was a case for "stage 2" complaints. He has promised to do this and ring me back but I am not holding my breath.... My question is now how to take legal action as I believe there is no intention to repay - over 2 months have elapsed. I have waited more than enough time for any internal processes to happen and NPOWER are withholding unlawfully over £2200 of my money - not a small amount. I have zero confidence the company is able to manage its own affairs and believe the best way forwards is for a regulatory body to step in. Ultimately I would also like to sue for damages and losses I have incurred as a result. I am interested to know the my legal standpoint as the terms on my agreement have been breached. Could you please let me know the best address to direct any legal correspondance to (is this the registered address held at NPOWER LIMITED WINDMILL HILL BUSINESS PARK WHITEHILL WAY SWINDON WILTSHIRE SN5 6PB Thanks

    Emily Ward | commented on 08.04.14

    Hi Cassim, Many thanks for your message and I can only apologise for the experience you have had with npower. Please can you send me your account number and confirmation that you are the account holder to and I'll have a look into this for you. Many thanks, Emily

Cassim Ladha | commented on 15.04.14

Update: So my call back from Carrol Ellison at the executive complaints team never materialised. Rang through today (15th April) and accepted a callback as there was a 30 min wait. Paul Iddon answered the phone (relatively politely!) and told me the complaints team was unable to take my call at the moment but he was able to give me their direct number - the number he gave was the one I originally called and got put through to him!! I then got the feeling this call was going to be another disaster.... I told Paul I had little confidence in getting a call back (the previous one didn't materialise) and the number he gave me was incorrect. He then put me on hold and I was patched through to the complaints team. I was told again that my personal complaints manager (Carrol Ellison) was unavailable but she would call me back at the earliest convenience. I then expressed how long I waited and was told to hold. Emma Hughes (from executive complaints) then took my call and expressed again Carrol was unavailable but she would personally ask her to call me. Emma then gave me a run down of what had happened since my last call: On 8th April - Carrol had spotted a mistake in my billing. She escalated this to the appropriate team. On the 11th April the team responded. Nothing had been done since and when I queried this I was told that everyone in the department had a lot of work to do and so some customers are not contacted as soon as they should be - (THIS IS THE EXECUTIVE COMPLAINTS TEAM COMPLAINING TO ME ABOUT WORKLOADS?) I then asked Emma for the procedure for escalating further and was told to write to: Elizabeth Gibson (head of customer support) PO box177 signet way, Houghton-le-Spring, sunderland, dh4 9aq I will post the outcome of this in due course.... In the mean time I was promised a phone call today by Carrol and also promised that the money would be in my account by no later than the 25th April.....should I hold my breath??

    Emily Ward | commented on 17.04.14

    Hi Cassim Ladha, Many apologies for this experience you have had. Please send me your account number and also your complaint reference (if you have one) and I'll see if I can find out what has happened to this (send to Note due to the bank holidays I'll pick up your response on Tuesday. Many thanks, Emily

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