The Golden Rules of Saving Energy

The Golden Rules of Saving Energy

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Our top 10 Energy Saving Tips

The long, lovely summer is on its way out and we’ll soon be turning the clocks back. Sadly more time spent in our comfy, cosy homes can mean higher energy bills. Take September as an example; npower experienced a 65%* spike in gas when the temperature dropped and we all switched our heating on for short blasts to warm up.

Time to re-cap on our top ten energy saving basics!

1. Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need.
2. Choose the right size pan when cooking and keep the lid on.
3. Defrost your freezer regularly.
4. Save energy by washing your clothes at 30°C and make sure you always have a full load, or use a reduced load programme for smaller washes.
5. A quick shower uses about a third of the water as a bath.
6. You could save £50-£90* a year simply by turning off the lights in unused rooms and turning appliances off, rather than leaving them on standby.
7. Programme your central heating to have the heating on only when you need it.
8. Switch your old inefficient light bulbs to cheaper-to-run energy-saving ones.
9. When replacing appliances, look for the energy-efficient label. An A-rated appliance could save £13* a year or more.
10. Make sure heat coming from radiators isn’t blocked by large items of furniture.

And if that’s not enough, we’ve got lots more ways you can save some real money. You may qualify for free energy-saving improvements, like a free boiler or free insulation. For eligibility and to find out more just visit:

*An increase of 65% in the volume of gas used on Saturday 14th September 2013 compared to the previous Saturday 7th Sept 2013.

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clare price | commented on 07.07.14

Hi, I have photovoltaic panels on my roof and save a 1/3 on my bill now and get paid a feed in tariff also. so during the day when I boil the kettle any left in the kettle I put into a thermos to use later.

Barbara Lees | commented on 17.07.15

We have one room which becomes over-heated. what is the cost of installing a thermostatic valve? My husband is 93 and I will be 86 this month. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

    Emily | commented on 22.07.15

    Hi there, Thank you for your comment. I could arrange for one of our Energy Wise team to call you to discuss this if you would like more help on this? If this is of interest please email me your contact details to Alternatively if you let me know how many radiators you require the valves for we can provide you with a quote for providing these. Thank you, Emily

joy | commented on 12.10.15

hi, could you tell me how much a unit of gas costs please

    Guy | commented on 12.10.15

    Hi Joy, All this information can be found on your most recent bill under section 3 - how your energy adds up. Alternatively, the video in the below link should help. Hopefully this helps. If you need any more information or I can help further please pop me an email over at Thanks David

m asghar | commented on 13.12.15

insulating all the house not just roofs and walls is complete insulation people are using blinds and not fitting curtains on windows most old houses are not wall insulated they havenot enough gap imbetween walls to insulate floors are not insulated just new boilers and roof insulationis not enough for the weather in this country houses should be100% insulated not just roof insulation and new boilers fitted and leave the rest of the house most people can't even think how to insulate all the house plus they want it doing free like the boilers and roof insulation

Timea | commented on 29.03.17

HI ! Can you tell me please , if there are any hrs in the day when electricity its cheaper ? Someone told me she does the washing just after 9pm because then its cheaper . Can't find any info about this on your website. Thank you !

    David | commented on 30.03.17

    Hi there, thanks for your message. We don't currently offer any tariffs that are cheaper during the day. Our Economy 7 tariff offers cheaper electricity during the night but this is only beneficial to customers that have electric storage heaters. More information can be found here: ^David

Rose | commented on 29.09.17

Hi I have electric radiators and electric hot water system we have no gas at all in the property so leave hot water on day and night is the hot water using a lot more money than we should or do you think we should have it on a timer thanks

    David | commented on 04.10.17

    Hi Rose, we'd suggest setting your heating and hot water to timer otherwise this could lead to higher than expected bills. For energy saving advice please see here: ^David

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