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Gareth Pickles_Director of Customer Services

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Gareth Pickles, npower’s Director of Customer Services, provides his view on today’s announcement.

“It’s always difficult when we have to announce a price increase. My team of customer service advisors – and I – speak to customers each and every day so we know exactly how they’re feeling. And they’re feeling the pressure of rising household bills. That’s why we’re doing as much as we possibly can to offer practical support wherever we can.

It’s worth taking a few minutes just to check if you’re eligible for some of the many things npower has on offer.

We’re spending more than £35 million this winter helping our most vulnerable customers through a whole range of these measures:

For example, over 200,000 customers will receive a £135 rebate on their energy bills through the Warm Home Discount scheme.

And we’re also offering vulnerable customers free energy efficiency measures, including A-rated boilers and insulation to help keep their homes warm and their bills low. (You can find out if you’re eligible for help at

If any of you are struggling to manage your bills, my teams can work with you to offer more flexible payment plans – and our npower Energy Fund can help with outstanding energy bills for vulnerable customers.

Our Health Through Warmth helps vulnerable people living in cold and damp homes – and you don’t have to be an npower customer to receive this help. Since 2000 we’ve accessed £75 million worth of measures for vulnerable households.

We also work with Macmillan Cancer Support so we can offer our Fuel Management Programme to any npower customer suffering with cancer, offering help to reduce bills, manageable payment plans and practical measures to help cut costs.

For our elderly customers, or those suffering from poor health or with a disability, we have our Warm Response Service which provides extra help – and we’d never disconnect a vulnerable customer over the winter months.

In fact, anyone can contact our energy efficiency team for free advice on how to save money – and any npower customer worried about their energy bills should get in touch with my team straight away to find out how we can help.”

The number for npower Customer Services is 0800 073 3000 or 0330 100 3000** or you can Tweet our team at @npowerhelp. As Gareth says, there’s a lot they can do to help. Why not give them a call or visit our Help and Support pages on


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George Lawson | commented on 21.10.13

None of these schemes help the millions of us in the rented sector, where we're at the mercy of our landlords - who don't really have any interest in whether their properties are energy effiicent or have A-rated boilers. Our property doesn't even have loft insulation. What we do have, is a choice of who our energy provider is. Shame we can't choose which energy wholesaler we use.

    Emily | commented on 21.10.13

    Hi George, You/your landlord could be eligible for free loft insulation even if you privately rent your property. Take a look at for more information. Or you can call our team free (from most landlines) on 0800 072 1741. The team will be able to give you more information and tell you about the options available to you. Do come back to me if you need more assistance. Thank you, Emily

Claire Atkins | commented on 27.10.13

"It was a difficult decision... Quite simply, the companies who help us deliver energy have increased costs and we have to pass that cost on.... We're also helping the government to deliver schemes... etc etc" Thanks for that. Now please may we have evidence and names of the companies that deliver energy are increasing costs. It's not enough for platitudes.

Jane | commented on 01.11.13

If your customer service worked you could probably cut costs... I would like to be a new customer - I've set up my online account and put in my meter reads excepting they have disappeared, I'm now getting repeated reminders to add them - still waiting on a response from the email I sent 3 days ago asking why my readings are not registering... and just tried to call so I could try to speak to a real person, but strangely enough I can't hold for 20 mins - which the is the estimated call wait time. What a welcome!

    Emily | commented on 07.11.13

    Hi Jane, apologies for the service you have experienced. Have you managed to resolve this yet? If not I can take a look into this for you. If you send me your account number via email I'll have a look into what is going on for you. Thanks, Emily

john pearce | commented on 02.11.13

You have obviously not tried to contact your customer services lately. I have just tried and have been given a 27 min wait for an answer. It would be quicker to change provider.

    Emily | commented on 07.11.13

    Hi John, Apologies for the wait you experienced on Saturday. If there is anything I can help with please do let me know. Thanks, Emily

Quickpaydayz | commented on 06.01.14

Oh it is great that you agree with this. I know that its hard to belive on this but u did and wrote a good post.

PaulB | commented on 22.01.14

Hi Gareth- Just had the latest email from you and I am puzzled and annoyed. I am on a fixed price tariff till 2015 but my payments are going up 'again' according to your computer's calculations, And yet every time you (obviously not personally) owe me money -i.e. l am in credit. l have asked for my tariff to be put down and it is for a month or 2 and then I get an email or a bill saying it is going up again . arrghh!!

    Emily Ward | commented on 24.01.14

    Hi Paul, Thanks for the comment on our blog. Just to clarify if you're in credit by greater than £60 following your annual statement and the statement was based on actual meter reads we would automatically refund you the amount due. If you're on a fixed priced tariff this means the tariff is fixed based on the pence per unit of electricity and gas you use, however, this doesn't mean your payments would remain the same as your usage could fluctuate year to year. I'm happy to check your account for you to ensure you're paying the correct amounts for your usage. Please could you send me your account number to and I'll take a closer look. Thanks, Emily

v wilkes | commented on 15.02.14

My last electric bill which was read we paid in October 2013 we are on a fixed tariff and puzzled when will we receive next bill

    Emily Ward | commented on 21.02.14

    Hi Vivienne, if you send me your account number and confirmation that you are the account holder I will have a look at your account for you. Please email Thank you, Emily

peter smith | commented on 18.03.14

i have just received an email from Gareth Pickles informing me i have not paid for my power supply since August 2013. in fact i have paid £950,.He threatens to inform all the credit agencies i owe npower money,and to have me blacklisted.I think he should concentrate on sorting out his customer services dept,and prevent them sending out rubbishy emails and forget writing articles.

    Emily Ward | commented on 26.03.14

    Hi Peter, that doesn't sound right. If you send me your account details I will have a look into this for you. Please email Thank you, Emily

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