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Now there’s a good idea, does it sound familiar?

Earlier this week, Ed Miliband pledged to his party conference that an incoming Labour government would freeze gas and electricity prices for at least 20 months. The media leapt on the story and have been fanning the flames of controversy ever since. To be honest, it’s been a lively week here at npower too!

This blog is neither the time nor the place for an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons or practicalities of the proposal. As the debate develops, you’ll reach your own conclusions soon enough.

But we will say one thing.

Erm, how shall we put it?

Ah, yes, that’s it.

Why wait to Fix?

However you plan on voting, there’s really no need to wait for an election to fix your energy prices. In fact, you can fix your energy payments until March 2017 today by going to our longest price fixed energy tariff.*

Since npower introduced our Price Protector March 2017 tariff on Monday 9th September it’s been a big hit not only with our customers, but with consumer journalists too., Radio 4’s Money Box Live and the Daily Mirror have all recently made the tariff a Best Buy. We can’t help feeling that Ed Miliband may be a fan too.

So, if you’d be happy to let the debate rage, content that you know precisely what you’ll be paying for your energy until at least March 31, 2017, you know whose box to tick.

Find out about Price Protector March 2017 now. You can even get a quote straightaway.

*Exclusions, limitations and terms apply.

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