Coming soon... your new bill

Coming soon... why your bill will look different

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Over the last 18 months or so, we’ve spoken to hundreds of customers about what they want to see in their bills (apart from a smaller number in the amount owed section, of course). The research revealed that many people find their energy bills more complicated and confusing than other utility bills, so simplifying the bill became a priority for us.

It also became clear that – broadly speaking – there are two groups of people. Which one do you belong to? Are you a ‘Skimmer’ who just glances at their bill to see how much they owe and when they owe it by? Or – if you are male and can remember when Geoff Boycott was a curmudgeonly batsman rather than commentator this is more likely – are you a ‘Checker’ who looks for more detail about their energy usage?

Either way, our bill is being re-designed to give you what you want – and you’ll see the results come October.

On the main bill, ‘Skimmers’ will find the most important facts at the top of the front page – exactly where they want them. They’ll be able to see how much energy they’ve used, how much this has cost, and how that compares to last year.

Meanwhile, ‘Checkers’ will find much more detailed information, a clear breakdown of costs and examples of how much energy various appliances use.

To add to the simplicity of the bill, we’ve used colour coding and cut out the clutter so it’s easier to understand and manage energy usage.

This bill re-design is just one step towards our goal of simplifying matters for our customers. We’ve also committed to reducing our tariffs to just four per fuel by October. Please watch this space for further news.

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Attree | commented on 08.08.13

Sir, I would like to work with Npower, I amm finding it hard to log on to register, You ask for my account number, which you say is in the top right hand corner of my bill, Only trouble is I have never received a bill, If someone would speak to me, Maybe we could get this settled/ My Telephone Number 020 8942 4839. Thanking you in advance Yours faithfully R/D.Attree

    Emily | commented on 15.08.13

    Hi R/D.Attree, Apologies for the trouble you've experienced when trying to register. I'll arrange for someone to call you asap. Many thanks Emily

      Emily | commented on 15.08.13

      Hi Mr Attree, I understand my colleague Paul has been in touch and we're helping you register your account. Do come back to us if you still have problems. Thank you, Emily

Ms Agnes K Borbely | commented on 12.08.13

Thank you for the help today. Kind regards Agnes

Robert Morley | commented on 14.08.13

About time! Without doubt the worst designed utility (or any other) bill known to man or woman.

james kirkland | commented on 17.08.13

dear sir I contacted james martin hthanke changed both my electric and gas to on line price fix feb 2015 you have sorted my electric to fix feb 2015 but not my gas so can you fix my gas to `on line fix price feb 2015 thank you very much from james kirkland

    Emily | commented on 21.08.13

    Hi Mr Kirkland Thanks for your message. I will look into this for you and get back to you ASAP. To help deal with your query please can you email your address and account details to Many thanks Emily

watkins | commented on 21.08.13

I cant view my bill on line it says wrong password I ask for new one but I don't get one could you please send me a bill by post thankyou

    Emily | commented on 23.08.13

    Hi Mr Watkins Thank you for your message. You will shortly be contacted by Paul from our Executive Support Team, who will arrange for your bill to be sent to you as requested. If you’re unable to access your online account, you should be able to reset your password quickly online. Here is a link to one of our Frequently Asked Questions which explains how do to this. Thank you Emily

John Williamson | commented on 25.08.13

The Green Deal has been in the news recently, i have contacted yourselves so many times in the past 6 months. Why have Npower not been more active with the deal? I have been told that you are only doing deals if people are on benefits. I have completed the questionnaire and still no contact from you. In my opinion my house would benefit from many of the ideas from the green deal. Its no wonder the number of people taking up the deal is only a couple of hundred when you are not really putting much effort into it. Are you serious about helping your customers or do you want me to continue paying £2000 per annum for my dual fuel? Will someone please get in contact and help a non benefits person ? Regards, John

    Emily | commented on 28.08.13

    Dear Mr Williamson Thanks for your message and please accept my apologies for any frustration caused concerning our involvement with Green Deal. I have been in touch with one of my colleagues from Energy Services, who specialises in this area, to address the comments you have raised. I can now clarify that we have an Energy Company Obligation (ECO), which is an obligation upon us to deliver energy saving improvements to customers who meet certain criteria - This is currently our key focus for 2013. Although there is no obligation on npower to deliver Green Deal Plans, we recognise the benefits they provide in terms of helping customers to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. I can therefore assure you we are working hard to achieve this, and anticipate being ready to offer a Green Deal Plan by early 2014. For customers who have registered their interest in Green Deal, we are keeping them informed via a monthly email newsletter. thank you Matt

Sarah | commented on 30.08.13

Do you plan to publish a new guide to help us understand the new bill when it comes out? The current version 'Your bill explained' is quite useful. Thank you, Sarah

    Emily | commented on 02.09.13

    Hi Sarah We're glad you have found the current 'your bill explained' guide useful. We are planning to publish a guide just like this to explain the new bill. The guide will be inserted into the bill itself and you will have a copy enclosed when you receive your first 'new look' bill. In addition to this, you will be able to access the same bill guide via our website from the 2nd October and we'll also have an interactive bill to provide a more detailed explanation of any areas of the bill should you need it. We hope you find this new material useful. thank you Matt

A. Hawkshaw | commented on 01.09.13

I certainly hope you sacked all the people from Npower that produced your last bill structure. If not; I can only imagine this 'new bill' you're constructing is just more of the same confusing ambiguous nonsense we've become accustomed too.

Neil bishop | commented on 03.09.13

Can someone please explain why my bill due date has been and gone and I haven't received a bill yet a new date has been set for a bill in 6 months time

    Emily | commented on 09.10.13

    Hi Neil, That doesn't sound right. If you pop over your Account number to, we'll take a look at this for you. Thank you, Emily.

chris | commented on 07.09.13

when registered an online account for gas the email was wrong as it as one extra letter and ive forgotten the password which I cant retrieve as the email is wrong tried looking for an email address to contact you cant find one thx

chris | commented on 09.09.13

cant get on to my online account as you've have the wrong email address for me also forgotten password and cant retrieve password as the email is incorrect tried finding an email address to contact you on there isn't one already left this comment once but seems you removed it and didn't even bother to reply if thats the way you treat customers might aswell change supplier

    Emily | commented on 18.09.13

    Hi Chris, Apologies for the delay. Can I help with anything. Please do send your account number to and I'll get a member of the team to look into this as a priority for you. Thank you, Emily

Evelyn Richards | commented on 15.09.13

I have received an e mail saying my bill is now online to view but when I log into the site the bill isn't there, it says no paperless bill to view, could you please tell me why I can't view my bill and why the account is in my husbands name when it has been changed to my name for the past year.

    Emily | commented on 18.09.13

    Hi Evelyn, Thank you for your comment. Do send your account number to and we'll have a look into this for you to see what has happened here. Thank you, Emily

Donna Fraser | commented on 17.09.13

Can you please tell me why I have never received a bill? I have phoned and gave bank details to set up direct debit and nothing has been taken from my bank account. Am I going to receive a huge bill I can't afford????

    Emily | commented on 18.09.13

    Hi Donna, If you pop your account number to me at, I'll see if I can have a look at your account for you so we can help get this resolved. Thank you, Emily

H Sorensen | commented on 23.09.13

The last time I received a Bill was in Febuary 2013 when I had over £800 in credit I asked for the credit to be paid into my account. I have never received a bill since then. I have now over £1,700 in credit and have asked to be sent a Bill numerous times as there is no way I can use that amount in a two bedroom house in the last six months, I have been told it would be taken care of but still nothing, The meter was read on the 2.07.2013 by Cowri/Beck a firm sent especially from Npower to give a accurate meter reading and still nothing, I am a pensionist and need this money for food ect. Why do I have to write in a blog to Npower nearly begging for my money.???

    Emily | commented on 23.09.13

    Good morning H Sorensen, Thank you for your post about your npower account. I am sorry to learn of the difficulties/issues you are experiencing and the concern this is causing to you. To allow me to look into this matter for you and chase up your bill/potential refund could please email me your account/address details to I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Emily.

Gearoid Hayes | commented on 25.09.13

Hi hello. ..sorry for jumping right in here but this is pretty urgent is there any way I can get a copy of my bill from September 2011 emailed to my email address to be printed.. I tried getting it from My N Power but it only goes back a year although it says it goes back 2 years.. it doesn't and this is quite distressing. I need the bill as a proof of address for a transit visa for The Indian High Commission.. I only found out today that I need a bill from September this year and a bill from September 2011 to show that I've been living in the same house!... it's ridiculous red tape but if I can't get the bill I cant get a transit visa and I need it for tomorrow morning!.. is there any way you can help me. They wont take bank statements and I have no other bills in my name for this address. My name is: Gearoid Hayes It is very urgent as I need to get my application in tomorrow morning or I lose my window. Please say you can help. I looked on my npower for any solution but none was given. thanks in advance. Gearóid

    Emily | commented on 25.09.13

    Hi Gearoid, We are looking into this now for you to see if we can help you. I'll come back to you as soon as I can. I've removed your personal details from our comment post for Data Protection purposes. Thanks Emily

Paul | commented on 27.09.13

Hi Emily, I have recently received a letter regarding changes to my account terms and conditions. In the letter NPower explain they now have the right to pass on personnel information about me the account holder to third parties. Does this mean I will start to be hounded by telephone sales agents (human & machine) to purchase new boilers or other products such as the green deal salesmen or their agents ?

    Emily | commented on 03.10.13

    Hi Paul, Thank you for your comment. I'm just looking into this for you to see which letter you have received. We would only contact you if we have permission to do so. Thank you, Emily

shannon bevan | commented on 02.10.13

Hi i have tryed to register and its asking me for an account number i was with you before but moved can aoneone give me a call about starting back up please 07455354334

    Emily | commented on 03.10.13

    Hi Shannon, Thanks for your comment. We'd love to have you back. If you can provide your new address details to I'll arrange for one of our agents to give you a call and arrange this for you. Thanks,Emily

laura bell | commented on 03.10.13

Hello I'm trying to request that my gas&electric bill get send out to my address please?

laura bell | commented on 03.10.13

Hello me again sorry to be a pain it also says I'm in credit with my gas as well how do I go about getting this

    Emily | commented on 10.10.13

    Hi Laura, of course we can arrange for your bill to be sent out and we'll check your credit levels too. If you send me your Account number to, I'll get this checked for you. Thanks Emily.

Andrejs Ivanovs | commented on 10.10.13

During the last 3 weeks, I contacted npower on three occasions asking to issue a bill. But nothing happened since my last phone call a week ago. Is there any chance I can get my bill or it is a too difficult task for npower? So far, I have never experienced so bad customer service. Thanks!

    Emily | commented on 14.10.13

    Hi Andrejs, Sorry you've not received your bill from us. This doesn't sound right. If you email me your account number to, we'll have a look into this for you. Thank you, Emily

Alida Bedford | commented on 28.10.13

I have not had a bill for a long time and your site is not working properly. I have tried phoning but there is a gigantic queue. I see there is a fixed tariff until 2017, which I did not know about until I was trying to find out when my last bill was paid. I tried to get an estimate with the new (unadvertised to me) tariff and again your website is coming up with nothing.

    Emily | commented on 28.10.13

    Hi Alida, Apologies for the call waiting you've experienced. We are experiencing high call volumes from customers with similar queries to yours at the moment. All our latest tariffs are available online, including Price Protector December 2017, so you should be able to see this one and switch online. Let me know if you are still having problems. Thanks ^Emily

clive | commented on 03.11.13

I switched to your company in January 2013 and i am still waiting for my first bill.You have had my meter readings several times but still no bill.I am building up a good credit with you as you are taking my monthly direct debit .I hope this issue can be sorted soon as i need to know how my account stands at the moment.

    Emily | commented on 07.11.13

    Hi Clive, that doesn't sound right. I can take a look at your account for you if you send me your account number to Thanks,Emily

Andy Cudworth | commented on 08.11.13

Can anyone tell me when I will get a bill in my name? I've been in my current property for over a year now and have not had a single bill with my name on it, it has always been addressed to "The Occupier" I paid the bills that were coming through as I thought that was the correct procedure, it is only when I queried why my name was not appearing on the statement I was told not to pay bills addressed to the occupier, so I've not payed a bill since June/July(can't be 100% sure, I don't have the bills in front of me), so does anyone know when my account will be updated with my detail? The longer this drags on the bigger the bill I'm going to be hit with. Thanks Andy

    Emily | commented on 08.11.13

    Hi Andy, Thanks for your comment. That doesn't sound right to me and your account should have been updated. If you email me your account number and confirm that you are the main contact on the account, I will have a look into this for you. Please do email me at Thank you, Emily

mrs g fishwick | commented on 29.11.13

I cannot find out how much I have spent on my bills just how much I am in credit which tells me nothing I send my meter readings in every month

    Emily | commented on 29.11.13

    Hi Mrs Fishwick, do you have an online account with npower? If not do send me your Account number and we'll see if we can clarify this for you and also send you a latest bill. Many thanks Emily

kristina | commented on 04.12.13

Hey how I can change bills , if I want when come every month or 3 month. Because I have a problem with bills. My last bill was last year and just now I getting. Sorry if I mistakes. .

    Emily | commented on 11.12.13

    Hi Kristina, Have you tried to call us? If not we can look into this for you. Thank you, Emily

dave | commented on 03.01.14

been with Npower for nearly 8 months and not received my bill why not this is a total disgrace. you put you prices up so much that I need to budget and you are not helping. I guess it could mean that further action against Npower needs to happen because this is a joke

    Emily | commented on 07.01.14

    Hi Dave, thank you for your comment. Have you managed to speak to an advisor about this? Thanks, Emily

Kim | commented on 24.01.14

The last bill I received was in Jun 2013 - I am currently over £1300 in credit - My payments have just been increased, yet you haven't sent me a half yearly bill? Please can you let me know when these are being sent?

    Emily Ward | commented on 27.01.14

    Hi Kim, if you pop over your account number to me, I'll have this looked into for you. If you can, your latest meter reading(s) will help too, to ensure we supply you with an accurate bill. Please send these details to Many thanks, Emily

Mr S Earley | commented on 01.02.14

I also have a bill date for 6 months time &have received no bills website does,nt work properly.My question is why is ofgem not taking positive action over this complete shambles.

P Senier | commented on 13.05.14

I have been in contact with npower numerous times. I have not received a bill since Feb 2012 and am £1700 in credit. I have been chasing this up for two months now and still can't get this issue resolved. I have been told there is some error with my account. I have been paying monthly by direct debit but for some reason never get issued a bill so my credit just goes up and up. Any assistance welcome as I am getting more and more frustrated with this.

    Emily | commented on 15.05.14

    Hi P Senier, Thanks for your comment. Let's see if we can help you here as this doesn't sound right to me. Please can you send me your account details and also confirmation that you are the account holder to I'll see if I can get one of the team to look into this asap for you. Thanks again, Emily

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