Green Deal scheme will soon be showing green shoots

Green Deal scheme will soon be showing green shoots

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David Titterton, npower Director of Green Deal Delivery and Obligations

There is a lot of doom and gloom surrounding the Government’s Green Deal scheme at the moment. Certainly, the latest figures published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change don’t make for pleasant reading. Of the 45,000 or so households that have had a Green Deal Assessment, only 270 have gone onto the next stage – and of those only 36 are now waiting for the financing to come through.

But let’s just pause for a moment to take in the bigger picture.

The Green Deal is a flagship government policy; its aim is to provide up-front financing for consumers who want to reduce energy waste in their homes. The amount they save on their bill goes towards paying for the improvements and is collected by energy suppliers through electricity bills.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

And, to be honest, it’s a great idea!

But when something as new and as different as the Green Deal comes along, it will always take time to bed in.

Take personal motoring, for instance.

It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t think twice about the efficiency of our cars – we wanted something that looked nice, was good to drive and got us easily and reliably from A to B. It was all about getting from 0-60 as quickly as possible, not how many miles you could get out of a tank of fuel. But with the introduction of higher car tax for inefficient, polluting cars and low emission zones in London – suddenly it’s much higher up our agenda as it starts hitting our pockets. And now we’re looking towards hybrid and electric vehicles to help us cut our costs even further in the future.

A fuel efficient car costs much less to run – as does a fuel efficient house!

We need to start looking at energy efficiency in a different way. We need to start thinking about ‘energy waste’. We don’t like wasting food; we never leave a tap running and we certainly never leave the phone off the hook. Why? Because it costs us money.

Lighting and heating our homes costs money, so why on earth would we want to waste energy?

It’s taken a while for us to change how we think about motoring – and the same can be said for the Green Deal and energy efficiency.

So let’s start the cultural change now. Let’s stop energy waste or, at the very least, reduce it as much as possible. Let’s start talking now about how we can reduce our energy waste.

Talk to your energy supplier, or better still talk to us here at npower to see how we can help you reduce the energy you waste.

The green shoots of the Green Deal will soon start to appear…

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