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You and your Gas Meter Safety Inspection

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Make sure your gas meter is happy and healthy Gas Meter Safety Inspections are important because your gas meter’s important. Even if you send us regular meter readings, we need to make sure your meter is working properly – if it’s old or damaged, it could be dangerous. That’s why you should make sure your Read the full post

When it Comes to Energy, SMEs Need Numerous Options

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Phil Scholes, SME Sales & Marketing Director at npower Choice is important to business success. The fewer the options, the more restricted businesses are in deciding when and how they grow. One of the problems with recessive economies is that they limit the options available to businesses. Lenders become less willing to lend and investors Read the full post

Accuracy and the key to Competitive Edge

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For small and medium-sized (SME) businesses, success often comes down to small margins. Depending on how overcrowded the market is (and let’s face it, in a digital age which markets aren’t?) there is often a very fine line between the cost to a business of a product or service and the price they retail it Read the full post

Quick ways to improve your bottom line

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Phil Scholes, Sales & Marketing Director at npower Business Efficient business energy management can improve your bottom line. Phil Scholes, the Sales and Marketing Director for npower Business, looks at how simple initiatives, which are quick to deploy, can save your business money. Good energy management can result in cost savings of between five and Read the full post

(Video) Making business energy better: cutting customer service call waiting times

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When you’re running a business there aren’t enough hours in the day. Right? So the last thing you need is to be passed around or left hanging on the phone to your energy provider. That’s why we’ve made some important changes. Take a look at our video and see how we’re answering calls and saving Read the full post



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