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An introduction to content marketing

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If you’re running your own business you’ll know how crucial marketing is in sending a steady stream of new customers your way. You need to spread the word about what you do so that the right customers get to know, like and trust you. You’ve got to decide how best to spend your marketing budget Read the full post

Why SMEs don't grow

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According to research produced by Capital Economics*, SMEs are set to see enjoy substantial growth by 2020. They’ll contribute an estimated £1.6bn to the UK economy and cities including Birmingham, Leeds and Brighton will become new hubs for enterprise. So, the future looks rosy. But business growth doesn’t come easily – for continued expansion conditions Read the full post

Is your SME cyber aware?

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With 44% of SMEs believing that they are not at risk of cyber-attack it’s never been more important to be prepared. In the USA 44%* of small businesses reported being the victim of a cyber-attack costing them an average of £9,000 per attack. Do you have that kind of money to throw about? It’s also Read the full post

Getting to a digital strategy

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Digital allows you to do anything, so what comes first? Digital technology really is making almost anything possible. It is expanding the way we communicate, it is accelerating customer expectations, and it is changing business models. The rapid evolution in technology is evolving customers’ behaviour faster than many companies can adapt to it. It also Read the full post

Power Cut? Who you gonna call…..

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….105 People often contact their energy supplier when they have a power cut, which isn’t always the right thing to do. Many energy companies only supply the electricity and don’t actually distribute it. Last week the electricity network operators launched a special phone number to call if you have a power cut. You can call Read the full post



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