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Bring on the Smart revolution!

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Smart meters are coming to revolutionise the energy industry – but what does this mean for your business?   Who are these two? That would be Gaz and Leccy. They are mischievous characters created by Smart Energy GB to show the British public that gas and electric consumption is out of control! Imagine someone gives Read the full post

Volunteering is great for your business

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Volunteering is a great opportunity for any size of business. Here are some ways you can get involved, and reasons why it’s a good move for your business: Team building – Your staff can work together in a new way, achieving something together outside the usual work environment. Personal development – Many volunteers develop skills Read the full post

Moving your business, and moving your business energy

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When you’re moving premises, sorting out your energy is unlikely to be a top priority. With contracts, agents and the day-to-day running of your business to think about, gas and electricity can easily be overlooked. But it doesn’t have to be a massive task – having some simple bits of information to hand can help Read the full post

Don't panic! Ways to stay in control

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The EU referendum result has had an immediate impact on Britain’s economy, and as an SME owner – whether you like it or not – what happens next will have an effect on your business. The country has entered an uncertain phase where lots of decisions have been left in limbo for the time being, so Read the full post

We're all going on a summer holiday

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Despite the ever changing British weather, the summer holidays are approaching fast. Although everyone loves a summer break, it can sometimes cause endless headaches for employers in terms of balancing staff levels – especially if you have employees with school aged children. Here are some tips when looking at holidays for staff: Bank Holidays It is Read the full post



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