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Help your SME to ‘Go Green’

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As it’s National Go Green week this week it’s only fitting that we let you know how easy it is to ‘Green your business’, especially if it can help you to save money too. Not only can some of the tips below help you to save money, but they can also help you to differentiate Read the full post

Telling your business story

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Many customers don’t buy a product anymore, they buy your into your company story which means you need to be on your toes and keep your story innovative. All businesses need to tell a story and it’s a fantastic way to connect customers and potential customers to your brand. Telling your story means you have Read the full post

The simple guide to Health and Safety

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‘Health and Safety’ – three words that can leave the most hardened of business owners quivering. Like most things that come with running your own enterprise, it’s more often seen as a necessary evil on top of your usual responsibilities. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether your employee numbers are 6 or 60, Read the full post

The pros and cons of being a landlord

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There are certainly many pros to being a landlord, for one there is a huge demand for rental properties. Only last year there were 7.9 million residential properties being rented in the UK. Many people think becoming a landlord means getting a lot of money for not doing very much but that’s not strictly true. Being a landlord can Read the full post

Get the most out of trade shows

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There are hundreds of trade shows taking place in the UK every week focused on every industry and business need. Each event represents a significant sales opportunity for businesses; in fact a surprising 29% of buyers only buy at trade events[1]. Although the initial outlay to promote your company at an exhibition or trade show Read the full post



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