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Getting to a digital strategy

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Digital allows you to do anything, so what comes first? Digital technology really is making almost anything possible. It is expanding the way we communicate, it is accelerating customer expectations, and it is changing business models. The rapid evolution in technology is evolving customers’ behaviour faster than many companies can adapt to it. It also Read the full post

SMEs: The Beating Heart of the Economy

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Dale Murray CBE, Board Advisor at the Centre for Entrepreneurs shares her views on the SME Growth Forecast Index. As a former entrepreneur I am frequently inspired by the energy and innovation of small and medium sized enterprises. Yet for all their entrepreneurial flair, they are not just the backbone of the UK’s economy, but as Read the full post

Power Cut? Who you gonna call…..

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….105 People often contact their energy supplier when they have a power cut, which isn’t always the right thing to do. Many energy companies only supply the electricity and don’t actually distribute it. Last week the electricity network operators launched a special phone number to call if you have a power cut. You can call Read the full post

UK SME Growth Hotspots - infographic

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We commissioned the SME Growth Forecast Index from Capital Economics – a report that identifies the areas where small and medium sized businesses have been growing over the last 6 years, and predicts where growth will happen in the next 5 years. As you’ll know, SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy, but did you know that Read the full post

The view from: tech start-up Wriggle

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Wriggle is an award-winning platform that provides real-time offers for independent restaurants, bars, cafes and events in Bristol, Brighton and London. This helps businesses fill empty tables or seats, and sell excess product through smart pricing, while attracting new customers. Here, founder Rob Hall shares the story of their success so far: Like what you’ve Read the full post



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